Pregnancy test HCG 

A quick pregnancy test.

Disposable HCG urine-based test, sensitive strip (10 IU/ml) is a fast-working, self-testing pregnancy test. Designed to determine the HCG hormone levels – a hormone produced by a placenta present in female urine shortly after conception.


This disposable pregnancy test is an immunological test designed for qualitative detection of human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a glycoprotein hormone produced by a placenta shortly after conception (HCG). HCG hormone is a sign of pregnancy, and its levels present in blood and urine increases considerably as soon as several days after the egg fertilization.

Expected result: This disposable pregnancy test is able to determine pregnancy already 1 day after the expected beginning of period.

Test procedure 

  1. The pregnancy test itself, urine specimens and other test parts should be warmed up to a room temperature before carrying out the test. Do not open the test’s packaging until everything is ready for the test.
  2. Take the pregnancy test out of its protective packaging (it is important for the packaging and the test itself to be warmed up to a room temperature, to avoid moisture precipitation on the test membrane). Mark the test with a control number or a number of a person undergoing the test.
  3. Apply the urine specimen on the test strip. Immerse the test strip (in the direction of the arrow) into the urine specimen. Do not immerse past the MAX line. Wait approximately 20 seconds (no less than 15 seconds) before taking the strip out and then lay it flat on a clean, non-absorbent surface. If the strip does not exceed the MAX line, you can leave it in the specimen. Use a new pregnancy test for each urine sample.
  4. Wait until pink stripes appear. Depending on the HCG hormone levels in the urine, the result can be read approximately within 60 seconds. Even though the result appears after 60 seconds it is necessary to wait 5 minutes before the result can be confirmed. The result is confirmed after 5 minutes. The test should not be evaluated after more than 10 minutes.

Interpretation of pregnancy test results

  • Positive result: Two separate pink stripes (lines) appear in the result part of the test – one in a test line, one in a control line.
  • Negative result: Only one pink stripe appears in the control line. There is no pink stripe in the test line.
  • Invalid result: If the control line does not appear within 5 minutes, the pregnancy test is invalid. In this case, the test failed or it was not carried out in proper way. Check the test procedure and repeat the test with a new test strip.
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