Ovulation test LH

Highly sensitive ovulation test.

The ALIVER nutraceutics Ovulation test is a rapid, highly sensitive (10 mIU/ml) ovulation test designed for self-testing. It detects an increased level of luteinizing hormone, which appears in the urine shortly before ovulation. Thanks to this, it allows you to reliably detect the so-called fertile days and thus increase the likelihood of pregnancy.


The ovulation test detects the presence of LH hormone (Luteinizing hormone) in female urine. This way, you can find out whether you are ovulating or when will the ovulation occur. LH hormone causes that the egg is released into the oviduct and the woman is fertile at this time. The kit contains five testing strips and instructions for use. Do not use the test if you are taking any medications at the same time, especially hormonal ones, which could affect the result.

Test strips are approximately 99% accurate in detecting the time of your ovulation.

This is at-home, urine-based ovulation test. Throw the strip away after carrying out the test. Store in a dry place at a temperature between 4-30° C. Keep away from the reach of children. Do not use the test past its expiry date. Do not use if the protective foil of the test strip has been damaged. Take the test out of the protective foil just before the use.

ECO test strips, CE marking.