Female fertility test 

A simple female fertility test with 99% accuracy.

Female fertility in-vitro screening test. Determines the presence of FSH hormone in the urine. FSH hormone is an indicator of fertility and a regulator of ovary functions. This female fertility test is suitable for women over 35 years and women with irregular menstrual cycle.


Starting at about age 35, a woman’s chances of conceiving decrease gradually. By examining the urine, Female fertility test ALIVER nutraceutics can determine a high level of FSH hormone, which may be a sign of infertility.

The test uses a combination of antibodies to selectively determine a high level of FSH. This hormone maintains the proper functioning of female sex hormones and ovaries, yet if present in high levels, it can contribute to a decrease in women’s fertility (especially those with irregular menstrual cycle and those who are over 35).

Instructions for use:

  • Urinate into a clean, dry cup.
  • Remove the eco test strip from the foil and dip it in a vertical position into the urine. Hold it there for at least 15 seconds.
  • Remove the test strip and lay it down flat on a nonabsorbent surface. Wait 5 minutes.

Interpretation of results:

Positive: Two dark red lines appear in the middle of the test strip – T-line (test) and C-line (control). The T-line must be of the same or darker colour than the C-line. If the result is positive, repeat the test in 5-7 days. In case the second test is also positive, your FSH hormone level is high and you should see your doctor if trying to conceive. High FSH level may also be a sign of menopause. If you suffer from symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycle etc., we recommend you to see your doctor. In case the second test is negative, your FSH hormone level is not too high and you have a good chance of getting pregnant.

Negative: Either there are two lines, T and C, and the C-line is darker than the T-line; or there is only the C-line. Negative result means that your FSH hormone level is not too high and you have a good chance of getting pregnant. However, in case your menstrual cycle is irregular or there are the symptoms of menopause, we recommend you to see your doctor.

Invalid test: If no T and C lines appear, the test is invalid. In this case, repeat the test.

Packaging: contains 2x eco strips for FSH hormone detection and instructions for use