Basal thermometer 

Digital thermometer with two decimal places (for measuring basal temperature).

Digital thermometer for basal body temperature measurement – two decimal places. Thermometer with two decimal places, designed to determine fertile and infertile days – family planning.


Two decimal places guarantee a high accuracy, especially for basal body temperature determination and for charting ovulation. This digital thermometer by ALIVER nutraceutics can be used to measure the temperature axillary, orally, rectally and vaginally.

Temperature measurement: rectally 60 seconds, axillary approx. 5 minutes, orally 60 seconds, vaginally 60 seconds.

Basal body temperature is your morning body temperature before you get out of bed. Measuring the basal body temperature every day during your menstrual cycle will help you determine and predict your ovulation. Basal temperature measurement will also help you find out how long is your luteal phase (a period between ovulation and the first day of menstruation) which is a factor that infuences your chance of getting pregnant.

Basal body temperature changes during your menstrual cycle. In the first phase (before the ovulation) it is low (usually between 36,5°C when measured orally); thanks to the production of progesterone, it rises after the ovulation (it is usually 0.2 to 0.4°C higher) and remains like this until the first day of menstruation or, in case of pregnancy, permanently.

The length of the first phase of the cycle (before ovulation) varies from person to person. Usually, it lasts 14 days, but can also last shorter or longer. The length of the phase differs not only among women, but can also vary in one woman’s menstrual cycles. On the other hand, the second phase of the cycle (after ovulation and luteal phase) lasts for most women 14 days; after that, the temperature drops again to the pre-ovulation level and the menstruation begins. If the basal body temperature remains raised for 18 days in a row or even more, it is probable that a woman is pregnant.

How to take your basal body temperature

  • Take your basal body temperature first thing each morning, before you get out of bed.
  • Take the temperature at the same time every morning.
  • Make sure you have slept at least 3 hours before taking the temperature.
  • Leave the thermometer within reach in the evening, so you will not have to get up in the morning
  • Use a quality thermometer with decimals; the best option is to use a special basal thermometer that shows 0.05°C.
  • Use the same thermometer during the whole menstrual cycle. If you change your thermometer or its batteries, note it down into a chart. Always take the temperature in the same place (orally, or vaginally) because the body temperature varies, depending on a body part. Do not take the temperature in the armpits, the result would not be accurate.
  • Take the temperature once a day only. Repetitive measurements may show various results and thus be confusing. The firts temperature measured just after you woke up is the most accurate.
  • Leave the thermometer to measure for at least a minute after a signal tone has sounded. The result will be more accurate.
  • Note the result down immediately. You may forget it later.
  • Take the temperature even if you did not manage to follow the instructions. Attach a note about the circumstances.
Digital thermometer with two decimal places
Digital thermometer with two decimal places