Basal thermometer

Digital thermometer with two decimal places (for measuring basal temperature).

Digital thermometer for basal body temperature measurement – two decimal places. Thermometer with two decimal places, designed to determine fertile and infertile days – family planning.

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Ovulation test LH

Highly sensitive ovulation test.

The ALIVER nutraceutics Ovulation test is a rapid, highly sensitive (10 mIU/ml) ovulation test designed for self-testing. It detects an increased level of luteinizing hormone, which appears in the urine shortly before ovulation. Thanks to this, it allows you to reliably detect the so-called fertile days and thus increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

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Pregnancy test HCG

A quick pregnancy test.

Disposable HCG urine-based test, sensitive strip (10 IU/ml) is a fast-working, self-testing pregnancy test. Designed to determine the HCG hormone levels – a hormone produced by a placenta present in female urine shortly after conception.

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Female fertility test

A simple female fertility test with 99% accuracy.

Female fertility in-vitro screening test. Determines the presence of FSH hormone in the urine. FSH hormone is an indicator of fertility and a regulator of ovary functions. This female fertility test is suitable for women over 35 years and women with irregular menstrual cycle.

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Spermtest – Male fertility test

At-home-use test motility and sperm count.

Male fertility test (contains 1 piece). At-home male fertility test. The test will help you test your fertility in absolute privacy.

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